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Screw Post 

Screw post binding was created for quick binding of documents and corporate manuals. However, due to its unique look, it has evolved with many variations and used for more elegant applications.

What is Screw Post Binding?

Screw posts binding uses metal screws to bind a text block to a hardcover through pre-drilled holes. The covers are attached to side strips which provide the folding section of the bind. Screws can be visible or hidden with a concealed side strip providing a sleek look to the finished product.

Screw Post binding can also be used for architectural and engineering drawings, menus, photo albums, swatch books and many more applications.

There are many custom finishes available for Screw Post binding available at NB Bookbinding.


A variety screw post colors and sizes are available to compliment your project with the exact look you are looking for.


We provide our clients with endless possibilities for case finishes. Any custom look in any color or material can be provided to ensure a well brandedproduct.


Hardcovers can be wrapped with a plethora of materials available in just about any color. From custom printed paper to textured leather.


Side Strips can be sized as required to give your book a bold or sleek look as desired.

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