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Sewn Binding dates back as far as history itself. This method has greatly evolved with the manufacturing era and is now used along with many other binding methods. Sewing books remains a unique stand-alone option for a personal handmade touch.

Saddle Sewn

What is SEWN Binding?

Various sewing options are available for added durability or customization for an even more unique look. The variation of thread count and color can provide endless possibilities.

Each method has a unique purpose and properties offering your book various design styles.

The style of binding you choose will determine certain details for your page designs due to the fold. Smyth sewn for example allows for books to lay flat while side sewn books require a greater margin for text and images from the gutter.

Smyth Sewing

The highest quality binding available which sews all signatures (folded page sections of 8’s, 12’s and 16’s) together for a more durable and lasting book.

Japanese Sewing

A specific sewing style which allows for exposed or covered spine and mixed paper for ultimate customization. See below for examples.

Side Sewing

Individual sheets are layered then sewn at the binding side with exposed thread. Added lines of stitching provide a more durable and unique look.

Saddle Sewing

Folded pages are sewn with a colored thread which is visible at the spine and the center of the spread.

Japanese Binding


Every book is unique. And each cover should be as unique as the stories told within. NB Bookbinding offers a vast array of book finishes to extend your story to the outside world. Each finishing service is provided with the highest quality of production to ensure a lasting finished product.

Die Cutting


Foil Stamping

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