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Perfect binding was invented in 1895 but became popular after a German publisher used the method for the introduction of paperback books in 1931.  This method is now widely used for paperback books, journals, magazines, prospectuses and brochures.

What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect binding is produced by creating folded sections of your book sheets which then are collated into order. Glue is then applied at the binding edge for attaching the cover. The fully bound book is then trimmed to size for the finished and consistent product. 

There are various options for perfect binding available including EVA, PUR and Notch. Each option offers a different level of strength depending on the value of your project.

Not sure which option might be best for you? We will make sure to go over these with you to make sure you get the most suitable method for your product.


Full Service

You can provide us with folded sections or flat sheets as we also provide folding services. Contact us for details and quotes.

Pur Binding

We also offer Pur Binding for a longer lasting perfect bind which offers the strongest binding possible for catalogs, manuals, directories, books and other publications.

Package Prep

Perfect bound books can be prepared to be included in packages like 3 ring binders or other catalogue packages.


All of our finishing services are available for perfect bound books. We can provide a pre-print review to recommend any specification that may be required for your covers.

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